Pasco County Scallop Season
July 15-24, 2022
 Pasco scalloping zones are the waters from the Anclote River to Northern Pasco County


Due to July rains, all Scalloping charters will be 6 hours (8am-2pm) at a rate of $750 (max 6 people). Spaces will fill up quickly so book today!


Pasco County Scalloping is great fun for the whole family!

Scalloping in Florida is a must do experience! With Capt. Rob at the helm, finding these delicious treasures in the beautiful waters of the Gulf of Mexico is so much fun! It's a great way to spend the day with family and friends. No telling what other amazing marine life you will see while floating around. Scalloping can be easily done by everyone from kids to adults, you just need to love the water and know how to swim. (maximum of 6 persons)

What is scalloping?

Scalloping is such an adventure! All you need to do is simply float along the waters surface, mostly across the grass flats in 4-6 feet of water. Take in all the marine life (fish, plants, sponges etc), until you spot those blue "eyes" of the bay scallop. Take a breath and shallow dive down, place your hand around the scallop and put them in your mesh bag (provided). It's that easy!


What is included in a scalloping charter?

Capt. Rob provides everything you need to have a great day; mask, snorkel, fins and mesh bag (you can bring your own snorkel set if you prefer). We also provide the required state salt water fishing licenses. On board will be ice waiting for all those scallops and when we get back to shore, we will even give you a scallop cleaning lesson. **Please have a cooler in your car to transport your scallops.**

How many scallops can we catch?

Regulations limit 2 gallons per person or 10 gallons per boat. This amount applies to scallops in their shells.

Check out our FAQ page for more information. 

Pasco Scalloping Season is only open for 10 days so don't wait, book your charter today!