Ash Scattering

Seal in the Sun Charters is honored to offer family and friends (maximum of 6 persons) of deceased loved ones the chance to spread their ashes in the waters of the Gulf of Mexico. Your loved one will then begin their timeless journey around our planet. Our oceans are a beautiful setting in which to call their final resting place.

The 2-hour charter will depart from the Anclote River in the Tarpon Springs area. We will go out the required 3 miles and there you can perform your ceremony. You are welcome to choose your music on our on-board stereo system. You can spread ashes directly from an urn or let them float away in a biodegradable container (sold online). Real flowers are allowed (no plastic or silk).

Times of your charter can be flexible if available.

If you or your family are unable to attend, Capt. Rob will respectfully conduct the ash scattering memorial service on your behalf. Photos of the ceremony will be emailed to you.

A nautical certificate stating your loved one’s name, date and the latitude and longitude coordinates of the scattering will be emailed to you at no extra charge.

The cost of the 2-hour ash scattering charter is $300 (up to 6 persons) and the cost of an unattended ash scattering is $150. 

Scattering ashes at sea provides a lasting place where you can always remember your loved one.